About Nils

Nils is a German dude who loves traveling. He tries to capture the best moments on his journey on videos and shares those impressions hoping to give some travel inspirations to others. He is especially enthusiastic about beautiful nature sights, adventure trips, fun sports and paradise-like vacation destinations. Thanks for watching!

Komodo Cruise – Flores Boat Trip

We did a 4 day/3 night Komodo Cruise with Le Pirate and had the time of our life: Starting our boat trip on Flores we enjoyed 4 days of blue water, white beaches, cute islands, colorful fish and corals, lots of opportunities for snorkeling, great food and so much more. One highlight was swimming with [...]

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Travel Vlog Indonesia

Follow our journey through Indonesia: Orangutans, waterfalls, surfing, rice fields, beautiful beaches, snorkeling with turtles and manta rays and so much more. It will not get boring - promise! 1. Orangutan Boat Tour on Borneo / Kalimantan 2. Lombok: Surfing, Snorkeling and so much more! 3. Bali [...]

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Orangutan Tour in Borneo

After our road trip in New Zealand we stopped for one night in Kuala Lumpur and from there flew to Borneo. On Borneo we've done a 3 day boat tour through the jungle of Kalimantan with orangutanapplause. These three days were one of those adventures that we will never forget. Most impressive was the [...]

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Canoe & Kayak on the Dordogne

We went for some canoeing / kayaking on the Dordogne river in the south of France. We had an awesome day. We rented the kayaks from Canoë Safaraid. Very good boats, fully equipped with paddles, life jackets and storage boxes for your belongings that should stay dry. Probably we will do another tour next summer!

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