After our road trip in New Zealand we stopped for one night in Kuala Lumpur and from there flew to Borneo. On Borneo we’ve done a 3 day boat tour through the jungle of Kalimantan with orangutanapplause. These three days were one of those adventures that we will never forget.

Most impressive was the amount of wildlife we saw: Not only orangutans at the feeding stations but also orangutans just hanging out in the trees while we were driving by with our boat and still sitting at the breakfast table. There were many other types of monkeys and apes that we could see, all kind of birds, fireflies, wild boar and last but not least the beauty of the jungle itself.

Besides the jungle and its wildlife our guide Arif, his crew and the boat made this trip just perfect. Arif was full of passion and knowledge about all the animals (he’s studied biology – so he really knows…). The crew provided a perfect service: many delicious meals (we’ve all probably gained some weight over those three days), kept the boat clean at all times and made us feel comfortable with many little details.

Enough text – just watch the video. Pictures can say so much more than words.